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directed by Stephen Ruddy

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Scott Adsit

Bob Dassie

TJ Jagodowski

John Lutz


David Pasquesi

Stephnie Weir

“Six of the best improvisors in the country

by pretty much any measure…” –Time Out

Scott Adsit (30 Rock, Big Hero 6), Bob Dassie (WeirDass, Dasiriski),

TJ Jagodowski (TJ & Dave, The Second City), John Lutz (30 Rock, Saturday Night Live), David Pasquesi (TJ & Dave, Veep), and Stephnie Weir (MADtv, The Comedians) create a fully realized, improvised play using a theater’s existing stage, set, and lighting. Identical to a traditional play in appearance and ambition, Stolen House creates a powerful, grounded, funny, wholly improvised theater piece every night. This is for the lover of theater and the lover of comedy. Stolen House is a once-in-a-lifetime pairing of the finest improvisors from New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.







May 6th & 7th, at 10:30pm: Stolen House will be taking over the set of the Anne L. Bernstein Theater’s long-running hit, Perfect Crime.




May 8th, at 10pm & May 9th, at 8pm: Stolen House will be taking over the set of the Barrow Street Theatre’s critical smash, The Effect.

Tickets for all shows also available at the Barrow Street Theatre box office. 

Produced by the Barrow Street Theatre and Stephen Ruddy

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